5 Busted Wedding Myths!!!

The most exciting but stressful time in a couple’s life is their wedding!  There are so many decisions to make like having a wedding planner, venue, cake, decorations and the list goes on.  For most brides all the decisions are made with a budget in mind.  This budget can dictate the small details like how many tiers in your cake to the bigger decisions on how many wedding guests you can afford to have.  While you are planning your wedding make sure the decisions you make are the ones that actually match your budget.  Here are 5 myths that can help you afford the wedding of your dreams!

Myth 1: DIY is less expensive.
      Have you ever gone to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner to realize when you leave that buying the same dish at a restaurant was less expensive in the end? This is what happens to a lot of wedding decor DIYer’s too!  Before you dive into Michaels or Hobby Lobby do your research and math and make sure creating your own decorations for your wedding is actually budget friendly!

Myth 2: Fake cake costs less than a real one.
     Considering a fake cake and serving sheet cake instead?  Before you make a concrete decision, ask your baker for a price difference.  You will be surprised how fast the costs adds up.  After all its not the inside of the cake that costs the most but all the decorations and details on the outside.  Unless you have 
a simple taste and style, buying one real wedding cake is usually the most cost effective.

Myth 3: Hiring friends instead of professionals.
     When friends and family offer to gift you their services to help keep costs low, make sure that their style matches yours and they are on the same page as what you are envisioning for your big day.  Don’t get stuck buying all the ingredients for a friend to make your dessert and then have to order a cake because it didn’t work out!

Myth 4: At home weddings are less expensive.
      Have a big guest list and decide its cheaper to have the wedding in your backyard? Wrong.  There are so many little details that add up very quickly that you wouldn’t have to pay for with a venue.  Bathrooms, tents, stage, dance floor, caterer, clean up, and parking.  These are only SOME of the details you will need to work out and could be costly!  So, before you pass up venues sit down and really com up with all the number

Myth 5: A DJ or playlist won’t be as good as a live band.
     This is far from true!  Many weddings have had less than stellar bands and are usually more expensive!  Having a DJ or a playlist of songs can be a great way to keep your budget low and the atmosphere high!  Hiring a DJ or making your own playlist, are great ways to keep the music diverse and be able to take recommendations from guests!  ​