5 Reasons To Have A Winter Weddings

Make it Snow

Okay, so real snow may not be feasible, but you can make it “snow” as you walk down the aisle or during your first dance to create a magical atmosphere!

Get Cozy

Don’t worry about melting makeup during a summer wedding! Not only will your makeup stay put, but you get to wear luxurious capes, sweaters and cute booties on your special day to complete your look!

Heat Things Up Behind the Bar

 Frozen tropical drinks may not be appropriate but the replacements can be even better! Create a make-your-own-hot-chocolate bar, filled with all kinds of mix-ins — like candy canes, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, and chocolate chips — and top it off with flavored alcohol that’ll enhance the taste, like RumChata and Pinnacle Salted Caramel. Mulled apple cider, hot toddies, and spiked coffee drinks are also a great option!

Expand Your Honeymoon Options

Unfortunately, peak wedding season (May-September) is peak hurricane season, especially in the Caribbean.  Having a winter wedding means it’s a great time for a tropical escape!! Leave the cold behind and head to a beachy romantic retreat!

Score Free Décor

Having a wedding around a big Holiday like Christmas, New Years Eve or Valentines Day, there is a good chance many venues will already have some decorations up! When meeting with your venue, ask when and how they decorate for the holidays so that you only have to worry about filling in the gaps (like centerpieces).

Autumn Decor to Add to your fall wedding

Have you Fallen* in love with the Autumn weather and colors? Planning a Fall Wedding?  Here are a few ideas to bring into your venue!

Pallet Accents
Dress up a table with a bit of rusticism. Use pallets to create a focus on a dessert table or make a photo memoir! There’s something raw and natural about a fall-inspired wedding and that’s what you get here.

Pumpkin Seating Cards
Grab some mini pumpkins, spray paint, and you have the best escort card holders! Subtly adding fall décor into your wedding like this will make it feel like fall without going overboard.

Rustic Centerpieces
The combination of natural textures look beautiful at an outdoor fall wedding. Lots of greenery and wooden pieces blend so nicely. They add a natural charm and romance to the setup.​

Glitter Leave Décor Leaves – somewhere – are a must!! It is autumn after all and everyone loves those gorgeous colors. Make a glam appearance with some glitter ones!​

Floral Alter
Instead of a simple altar go for something unique. A textural, floral  round is a gorgeous – and photogenic – way to say your I do’s, or create a beautiful frame to stand under!

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Fall* Head Over Heels For These Gorgeous Bouquets!

Fall is the prettiest time of year with all the beautiful colors of foliage and lovely flowers.  Here are our top 5 Autumn Bouquets that we can’t live without!

Rich Jewel Tones

Combine dark purple and burgundy blooms for a dramatic effect. Add feathers and leafy agonis in this arrangement for a bohemian vibe.

Classic Sunflowers

If sunflowers are a must for your fall wedding, try a classic arrangement like this one. We’re loving how the yellow looks next to the succulents and cream flowers. Use wildflowers and foraged greenery to create a rustic, farm-inspired look.

Romantic Pinks

A classic pretty gathering of colors. These romantic hues looks amazing alongside garden roses, ranunculus, and greenery.

Earthy Neutrals

Go modern and simple for your fall wedding bouquet using a neutral color palette. A combo of succulents, babies breath, evergreens, cotton, and fresh roses give it plenty of texture and dimension.  

Sunset Hues

You can’t go wrong with these shades of color! This golden hour-inspired palette is a no-brainer for fall wedding bouquets.

5 Summer Wedding Ideas You Will Want at Your Wedding!

  • Add a “cool” treat to your menu.

Ice cream or a cold treat will be the hit of the party on a hot summer’s day!  Create a DIY ice cream or cold dessert bar or find a local business that will cater your wedding!  Food trucks are easier than ever to find so an ice cream truck won’t be hard to track down!

  • Lawn Games are for all ages!

Find a giant version of Connect 4, Checkers, Jenga or any of your favorite games to play!  This will be a great way to keep everyone occupied of all ages!

  • Self Serve Cocktails

What’s better than an open bar?  A self serve already mixed delicious cocktail!  Dive into Pinterest to find your favorite version of a summer cocktail to serve at your wedding like a lavender lemonade or a limoncello collins. PLUS you can always do a non-alcoholic version for the younger kids or adults who want something refreshing without the buzz!

  • Refreshing Table Décor

You can incorporate ideas onto your table that match your wedding theme and will help keep your guests cooled off and refreshed all night long!  Glass water bottles are a great table number center piece or add beautiful paper fans at each seat!

  • Fun Night Vibes!

Offer glow sticks or sparklers to your guests especially for the first dance (outside for sparklers)!  These create awesome pictures and memories and will set the tone right for a night of dancing!

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Summer is Here!!

Are you planning a summer wedding?  Here are some 5 must know tips about a beachy venue!!

Public Access– Even though your wedding may be private, the beach is a public place so keep that in mind when you are planning the time & setting up for your ceremony!!

Guest List– If you are having a large wedding with tents, chairs & tables, call the beach to make sure you are complying with all the rules of the beach.  You will already be noticeable with your wedding so its more than likely people will be lingering around to make sure your compliant with their rules!

Parking– Make sure you tell guests where there is public parking or paid parking.  The beach will be packed with vacationers already and you don’t want your guests driving around to find a spot and miss the ceremony!

Time of Day– The Low and High tide will ultimately determine where and when you can set up!  Don’t get washed away by not preparing and looking up the tide times!  Also, if you want gorgeous pics, talk to your photographer beforehand.  Morning weddings are fantastic to beat the heat but it also can be hard to get a picture with out sunglasses or squinty eyes if there is full sun!  A better option may be in the evening if you want those dreamy pics!

Wardrobe– Remember its going to be HOT!!  Tell your guests dress accordingly and wear sunscreen!

5 Busted Wedding Myths!!!

The most exciting but stressful time in a couple’s life is their wedding!  There are so many decisions to make like having a wedding planner, venue, cake, decorations and the list goes on.  For most brides all the decisions are made with a budget in mind.  This budget can dictate the small details like how many tiers in your cake to the bigger decisions on how many wedding guests you can afford to have.  While you are planning your wedding make sure the decisions you make are the ones that actually match your budget.  Here are 5 myths that can help you afford the wedding of your dreams!

Myth 1: DIY is less expensive.
      Have you ever gone to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner to realize when you leave that buying the same dish at a restaurant was less expensive in the end? This is what happens to a lot of wedding decor DIYer’s too!  Before you dive into Michaels or Hobby Lobby do your research and math and make sure creating your own decorations for your wedding is actually budget friendly!

Myth 2: Fake cake costs less than a real one.
     Considering a fake cake and serving sheet cake instead?  Before you make a concrete decision, ask your baker for a price difference.  You will be surprised how fast the costs adds up.  After all its not the inside of the cake that costs the most but all the decorations and details on the outside.  Unless you have 
a simple taste and style, buying one real wedding cake is usually the most cost effective.

Myth 3: Hiring friends instead of professionals.
     When friends and family offer to gift you their services to help keep costs low, make sure that their style matches yours and they are on the same page as what you are envisioning for your big day.  Don’t get stuck buying all the ingredients for a friend to make your dessert and then have to order a cake because it didn’t work out!

Myth 4: At home weddings are less expensive.
      Have a big guest list and decide its cheaper to have the wedding in your backyard? Wrong.  There are so many little details that add up very quickly that you wouldn’t have to pay for with a venue.  Bathrooms, tents, stage, dance floor, caterer, clean up, and parking.  These are only SOME of the details you will need to work out and could be costly!  So, before you pass up venues sit down and really com up with all the number

Myth 5: A DJ or playlist won’t be as good as a live band.
     This is far from true!  Many weddings have had less than stellar bands and are usually more expensive!  Having a DJ or a playlist of songs can be a great way to keep your budget low and the atmosphere high!  Hiring a DJ or making your own playlist, are great ways to keep the music diverse and be able to take recommendations from guests!  ​

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Say Yes!! To Your Local Bridal Boutique

​Everyone shops online, the free two day shipping, the low prices and now in our busy lives, it’s harder to find time to actually go into a store!!  But wedding dress shopping is best left to the old school ways.  Why shouldn’t you take the short cut of a few clicks to your front door?  Here are 6 reasons to shop at your local bridal boutique.

1.) Selection, Selection, Selection.
You will never be able to beat the selection a bridal boutique carries.  They have all the best name brand designers you are looking for after watching Say Yes to the Dress!  PLUS, your local shop may have unique dresses from local designers that are not name brands.  Sometimes those are the best finds!

2.) No cut-outs
Designer dresses may be a little pricier but you know what you’re buying.  You’re not risking a counterfeit dress or a cheap material that’s see through, because today, you always get what you pay for!  Don’t be one of those bad Amazon reviews from a dress that came from China that you can’t return. 

3.) Your Style
No two gowns need to be the same.  Your style can be altered in a dress to fit your special day!  Want more bling?  Want a detachable train? Or maybe some sleeves for a winter wedding?  As a traditional bridal salon, you can always work with a seamstress to customize it to your liking!!

4.) Brides on a Budget
We all love a bargain!!  That’s one of the best reasons to shop at your local bridal salon! They frequently order new dresses to keep up with demand, so out with the old and in with the new!!  How do they make space for the new, sparkly, dreamy gowns?  The others go on sale!! This is a great way to get a gorgeous dress in your not so big budget!

5.) That Silky Soft Feeling
Your heart will feel as soft as the silk on your gown!  Supporting your local boutique not only helps the local economy but you are also supporting a business that is mostly owned by woman!  Nothing is more empowering than that!

6.) Experience
Walking into a boutique with your best friends to try on all different gowns is way more fun than clicking through an online check out.  The experience alone is worth it.  Not to mention the boutique can help you order the correct size, offer alterations, and will help preserve and store your dress until your big day!

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What silhouette is best for your body shape?

Of course you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day and confidently walk down the aisle with all eyes on you and the beautiful gown that fits perfectly.  This task, however, can be the most daunting one for a soon to be bride.   You have found “the one” you want to spend the rest of your life with, now it’s time to find “the one” that will take his breath away when he sees you as his wife.  Walking into a store with hundreds of gowns without a clue where to start can be overwhelming, so let’s talk about what may look good on you and your body shape.  

Most women can relate to one of these four shapes Banana, Apple, Pear, or Hourglass.  Depending on which shape fits your body, different dress silhouettes can help accentuate your most flattering features and draw attention away from your problem areas.   The 6 essential dress silhouettes are the Ball Gown, Mermaid, Trumpet, Sheath Gown, A-line, and Empire Line.  Having a little knowledge can go a long way searching for your perfect dress!  Here is the 411!

The Ball Gown is the classic dress every little girl dreams about wearing on her wedding day. This dress has a fitted bodice and extravagant full skirt.  Slender and pear shaped woman love this style because it accentuates the waist and hides the lower body.  It also looks great on women who have a fuller bust creating an hourglass look.  While this style can look amazing on most women, if you’re petite the skirt could be overwhelming and too much fabric on a smaller frame.

The Mermaid (right) and Trumpet style (left) are very similar and often are mistaken for each other.  A dress with a mermaid silhouette is very fitted all the way to the knee or below, and then flares out to the hem.  The Trumpet style dress is fitted to just below the hips and then flares out to the hem creating a semi full skirt.  Both of these styles create a sexy curvy look, and look fabulous on slender figures and voluptuous ones!  If you are a confidant gal and want to show off your curves these styles may be a perfect fit!    

The Sheath Gown is a style suited for women who want to elongate their figure.  With a close fit that contours the body, there is not a lot of room to hide any problem areas.  For women who don’t have natural curves, you may want to use a bodice or sash to create the illusion of a waistline with this type.

The A-Line is a classic style dress that looks great on all body types.  The fitted bodice to a skirt creates a perfect A shape silhouette that can hide larger lower bodies or give the illusion of curves on a straighter frame.  This type of dress is so versatile that you can hide most flaws with a simple modification!

The Empire silhouette is fitted to just below the bust with a skirt that flows down to the hem.  Smaller busted women love this style dress because it creates an illusion of a larger bust drawing attention to the neckline and bust area.  This dress style can be ideal for most brides like the A-line but can be especially great for pear shaped woman or anyone who wants to hide lower body flaws.  Having an idea of what silhouette would look gorgeous on your body will always help point you in the right direction of your dream gown!  And OF COURSE The Bridal Boutique of NC is here to help you find the perfect dress for your big day!

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