Summer is Here!!

Are you planning a summer wedding?  Here are some 5 must know tips about a beachy venue!!

Public Access– Even though your wedding may be private, the beach is a public place so keep that in mind when you are planning the time & setting up for your ceremony!!

Guest List– If you are having a large wedding with tents, chairs & tables, call the beach to make sure you are complying with all the rules of the beach.  You will already be noticeable with your wedding so its more than likely people will be lingering around to make sure your compliant with their rules!

Parking– Make sure you tell guests where there is public parking or paid parking.  The beach will be packed with vacationers already and you don’t want your guests driving around to find a spot and miss the ceremony!

Time of Day– The Low and High tide will ultimately determine where and when you can set up!  Don’t get washed away by not preparing and looking up the tide times!  Also, if you want gorgeous pics, talk to your photographer beforehand.  Morning weddings are fantastic to beat the heat but it also can be hard to get a picture with out sunglasses or squinty eyes if there is full sun!  A better option may be in the evening if you want those dreamy pics!

Wardrobe– Remember its going to be HOT!!  Tell your guests dress accordingly and wear sunscreen!

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